Life After Obesity

Sadly obesity is one of the leading causes of illness and death around the world. You know you live in a twisted world when more people die of obesity than they die of starvation. The reason for this statistic is that most young people, women and men alike are too busy working long hours, driving from meeting to meeting that they do not stop to pay attention to their own needs and their own body.

Dealing with the side effects of losing weight

However, if you are one of those people who have taken the initiative to lose weight and stay fit after years of being victim to obesity, you might have found yourself having to face a brand new problem with your new fitter, thinner body – excess skin. When the human body puts on weight due to obesity or even pregnancy, the skin stretches. Like animals, our skin has the potential to stretch a great deal to accommodate the fat that can build up in our bodies, however, when we lose weight again, after giving birth or after a few months of strenuous working out, our skin can react in two ways, depending on the time that we have been obese or fat. In the case of short term situations like pregnancy, the skin shivels back up causing new months to have what is known as stretch marks, however, in cases of long term obesity, you will find that you have a lot of excess skin that refuses to go back to normal. You might have big skin bags hanging from your stomach in which case a skin tightening procedure might be necessary.

Of course this would completely depend on the severity of your situation and your own needs. You are completely able to live out the rest of your life with these skin bags and they are in most cases easily covered up by clothing. Therefore, if your main goal is health and not how your body looks without an upper body covering, then you may opt of skin tightening procedures all together. Remember, that these procedures involve cutting up your body and cutting off excess skin and you should always avoid cutting your body up as much as possible.

The irony of it all is that most of these people work hard in order to earn a wage high enough for them to save up for the future in case of a possible illness, however, they work so hard in the present for a potential future illness that they are making themselves sick in the present and increasing their chances of getting an illness in the future by not taking care of themselves. Take the initiative to make the change.

Are You Aware of Myths About Hair Transplants?


Are you losing a lot of hair every day? Do you want to have straight or curled hair? Are you planning to try a new look with a different hairdo? At present, men and women go to great lengths to look beautiful or handsome. No one likes to have a scanty mane or a bald head. Therefore, there are many products that can be used (e.g. applied, taken as medication) to solve these problems. However, most of the effects of these products do not last long. As a fact, you should continuously spend lump sum amounts on these products. Therefore, professionals have found other remedies for better results.

Have you ever considered getting transplant done? Hair transplants are popular remedies for a number of problems. So, if you’re looking for a method to achieve the previously mentioned examples, this is one of the options for you to consider. However, there are individuals who present facts that would discourage to opt for this. Here are some of the myths that you should be aware of:

– One of the most common myths is that, these transplants are only temporary treatment solution. However, this isn’t true, because there are permanent surgeries that are done. Therefore, your beautiful new mane would last long.

– Moreover, people continue to spread false information regarding the maintenance of the hair. Once, you’ve got a hair transplant in Brisbane, remember that you need to take care of it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should the clinic one a week to keep the desired effect.

– You might have heard many saying that this procedure is very expensive compared to other temporary remedies. Firstly, this procedure is a bit costly, however, it’s not too expensive. Moreover, the benefits over costs are far greater than what people think and say.

– On the other hand, some say that this procedure is suitable for every individual with various types of hair. This is a wrongly guided fact, which should be corrected. There are other factors that are considered other than the hair such as healthy scalp, good hair grafting area, etc.

– You might hear statements stating that the procedure is reversible. The answer for it is a definite no! Since it’s surgically grafted to the scalp, you aren’t able to reverse it. If it’s temporary hair transplant, it could be reversed. Get to know more about hair loss and its treatments over here 

Based on the aforementioned myths, you would be able to clear out any misconceptions and misinformation regarding this treatment. Therefore, you should pass this information to others as well. With this information you are able to make the best decision, if you’re planning to get it done.