Technology And The Harmful Effects.

We all consider technology as the biggest achievement of humankind. The industrial revolution that took place in the eighteenth century can be called as the beginning of technology. It is the time where many new discoveries in technology was introduced. However, though technology has been helpful to us in making our day to day tasks, it also has contributed too many harmful effects.

The beauty industry

The beauty industry grew massively with the introduction of new technological devices. People have invested devices that would make a person look half of her or his age. There are various day spa’s and rejuvenation clinics promising of massive transformation in a person’s look. No one cares about the side effects of them. These treatments do not suit everyone. They lead the ways for diseases such as cancers and many other skin diseases.

The field of transport

There are cars that travel hundred miles per hour with no issue. There are fighter jets and planes for people to fight against people and for a person to travel to another country within a day. The negative side of it is that as well as these cars and planes have made travelling quickly, the number of accidents have increased massively compared to that of the past.

Education, job and communication

The basic school education is considered as vital for a child. Why? Because a school teaches a kid good ethics and good behaviour along with education relating to books. School teach kids how to move in a society. At present parents decide to give their kids online education for their convenience. What they do not realise is that this makes kid deviate from studying and makes them addict to staying in the computers. They also lack knowledge about the real society and would avoid associating with people. Making them vulnerable people for threats. Various social network platforms have emerged all around the world. This has impacted the ability for humans to communicate with the people around them.

At present people prefer talking to a stranger who he or she met via the internet than get to know their neighbour. They rely on the people they meet through chat groups and such and share their issues and take in their opinions. This should be done with the parents and not with a stranger. Staying in front of a computer or on the mobile phones can also cause health issues such as bad eye sight. The struggle to find a job has been so difficult in the past, but it has changed and people are enjoying online jobs than actual jobs which would strain a person physically. This has cause an increase in diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity among many employers who are indulged in online jobs. Therefore, though technology has been a great help in many ways to mankind, what we do not see is that it also distracts us from our usual social movements.